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The 13.1 Mile Journey

Saturday I ran my first half marathon! It has been one of my goals for a long time. One of those things on my life's bucket list that would be cool to experience, at least try one time. I initially started this goal last year. I ran a couple of race last "fall" (because SG doesn't have fall) and have keep up the running since. 
When we moved back to NYC, I wanted to run some more races. I had reached eight miles while visiting my family over the summer, which for me was a long run (still is). I wanted to keep the momentum going. I downloaded a very simple generic training guide from pinterest, and that was my plan. I was very consistent up until a few weeks before the race (Henry got sick, then I got sick). The two weeks before I made sure I was consistent, because I wanted to be ready. The worst thing would to be stuck doing this race and it be horrible. It was worth all the consistency. 
Day before the race I was pretty nervous, and not really looking forward to it. …

Apple Picking with a Video

We continued our fall tradition of going to Barton Orchards to go apple picking. I had never done apple picking until we moved up here, and now I look forward to it every year. We have enjoyed visiting Barton Orchards over the years. Their produce is really good, and has a fantastic corn maze, which for Lyndon is the biggest draw. 

The kids had fun riding the tractor, jumping on pumpkins, literally rolling around in the dirt, and petting the ponies. Rapha actually climbed into the pony's pasture! I had to jump over the fence and get him out. Not that he was in any danger, but ya know. He loved petting the ponies! Watch the video and the very last clip is of him feeding grass to the pony. His excitement over it adorable. No other way to describe it. It is the cutest. 

The kids took over apple picking. We got the bag, found our row, and they took charge. 

The corn maze there is huge, and intense. Lyndon loves it. I just want to get to the exit as soon as possible, but he wants to wande…

Visit to Witch City

We took a quick visit to Salem, MA last weekend. We were looking for some fall colors and Halloween spirit. Salem seemed like the perfect place to get both of those. Since it was a spur of the moment trip we did not do a very good job planning. We found out that there are a lot of things we should have booked in advance, ugh. That just means we will have to go again next fall. It did not really matter because we had a lot of fun doing what we did. The kids were having a blast jumping on rocks, finding all the spooky places, and the haunted house (it was my fav activity we did). This was part of our Spooky Weekend. We had been talking about it the whole drive up, which I need to tell you about. 

Like most of our trips, this one did not start smoothly. There were issues renting the car, which meant we got a late start, so we ran into traffic. Somewhere in the middle of Hartford, CT Henry got car sick, which made Rapha get car sick. We pulled off to the nearest gas station we could find t…