Two Years Part 1

Two years ago we left NYC to embark on our Singapore adventure. I have been having so many thoughts about this whole experience of moving and moving back. It was really hard leaving NYC. I did not really want to leave, but we had this incredible opportunity. I remember after we left the temple with the answer that we should go East, thinking how can I leave this amazing city? It was really hard, and so much happened in the two months before we left. We had a baby (nothing life changing there), Cosette started Pre-k, Henry turned two, I had some health issues come up, we were learning how to navigate the city with three kids, Lyndon was incredibly busy at work, etc. It was the craziest time in our married life, but we knew that Singapore was the right choice. We felt at peace with the decision, and that was the only way I was able to leave the City not completely shattered. I stared at the city skyline until it faded out of view as we drove away, not taking my eyes off it for a second. I did not know what the future was going to bring and if we would be coming back. That though was a bit scary.

We left so quickly it did not sink in that we were leaving. No time to acknowledge emotions, or anything. It was just go, go, go. Because of that, I did not feel very home sick for NYC till we had been in SG a few months. The first time I did, I played Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" and dance around the apartment belting the lyrics out at the top of my lungs with the kids. It felt really good. Then I watched Blue Bloods with a tissue box, and was like why did we ever leave?

Fast forward however many months we were in Sing, and now we are back. It does not feel like we ever left. We are in a different neighborhood, far enough from where we lived previous, that it feels different. It has been a really easy transition. Cosette is over joyed. She has been asking to come back since we left. She cannot wait for snow. The boys are flourishing. They were the ones I was most worried about adjusting, because Singapore is the only place Henry remembers, and basically the only place Raphael has lived. They have transitioned like it was nothing, it's such a blessing. Like I said, they are flourishing here. I think part of it is being in our own space again. We live so close to the parks, and all sorts of playgrounds. Our neighborhood is awesome, which might be another reason. We do not have to travel "far" to get to anything, food, fun, or otherwise. We just walk out our front door and it is literally there.

We love our apartment. True two bedroom! It is not huge by any means, but our stuff fits (after we got rid of a bunch of it, haha). We are thrilled with it. The location is the best. It does not feel like we are living in a closet. The kids love it. It is perfect for us right now. We are all really happy with our space. I am not just saying that, we are really so happy. It is not because we are in NYC, we are just happy. Life is good, man. Everything has fallen into place. We have been surrounded by wonderful people. We have fallen into friendships easily, and met people with random similarities that cannot be coincidence. We have witness prayers answered, some serious miracles. Everything has been a dream, as dreamy as across the world moves can go.

I also feel a lot more confident with so many things, which had made it smooth transition. Maybe it is because we have lived here before and we know the drill? Maybe it is because my kids are older? I have never lived in NYC with out being pregnant or having a nursing baby. I am more confident in my mothering skills? I do not know, but things have been so good. I am enjoying this time before some trial comes up, because they will (dun, dun dun).

The increased feeling of confidence is a blessing, because the move has been the hardest on me. Singapore was really good for me. I needed a slower pace of life. I have the perspective from our experience here before (which was great), but made me nervous. I was not sure if I was ready/handle living here again. After months of praying I finally received the answer that we needed to go back to Manhattan. It gave me peace, and I not look back. Our experience thus far, has confirmed that we are in the right place. It is a good feeling.

I do still wake up and want to go to our local mall, head to Arab Street, or Spotlight. The heat wave we have had recently has made me miss our pool, and well air conditioned places, haha. I miss the beach so much. Okay, I miss everything, even the smell of durians. You may now call me crazy. Henry does still ask to go to the Singapore Zoo, and Gardens By the Bay every now and then. It makes me happy that he remembers those places. However, he does asks to go the Bronx Zoo, and sand playground more often. It is okay to miss those things. It means that we had a really good experience there.

Here were are two years ago. 

And we here are now.

NYC is our home again. It was our home before, and probably for a very long time. It can't seem to shake us. We keep boomeranging back, and we are really happy about that.


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