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This is us 2017

This is us 2017. 

We took them at the Bethesda fountain in Central Park. Every place in NYC is a great place to take photos, but my heart has a special spot for Central Park. I love it there so much, which is why (almost) all our NYC family photos have been taken there. 

This family photo session has been the most difficult we encountered (if you cannot tell from the photo above, which was the first of the day, not the last). The kids were not having any of it. Our poor photographer did not have a lot to work with. She did make magic, and amidst the  craziness she caught sweet moments, and quick smiles. I was so sure there would not be any good ones, because we were so awful that morning. I was blown away when we got the photos, and there were so many good ones (especially the one at the top). 

The photos session included silly faces, kisses, hugs, lots of tickles to get smiles out of the surely ones, a few tears of frustration (from me), and the traditional tossing the child in the air …

First Snow

We had our first snow of the season yesterday! I was not looking forward to it at all. On the other hand, Cosette was so excited. She kept saying, "I've been waiting my whole life for this". Even with my Grinch attitude about snow, I will admit I was happy it came. It was really magical. First snow of the season, first snow we've experienced in two years, Henry's first snow he will remember, and Raphael's first snow ever. That made it an especially special snowy day.

We were by the Lincoln Center and stopped for a snow ball fight. I found the magic of snow again while playing with the kids.  It was really fun while we lasted. We were done after half an hour. It was just a wee bit cold. We are still acclimatizing over here.

A short film below of the beginning of our winter "fun". Praying that the snow magic will last all winter. We just need to buy proper snow gear, and a sled. 


Thanksgiving Week

We had a full house for Thanksgiving this year. My parents and sister came up for the holiday. Eight people in our NYC apartment for a week. Good thing we love having visitors. 

The highlights of the week were:
1. Seeing Cosette and Henry in the Primary Program at church.
2. The Three Bears Holiday Bash at the Swedish Cottage.
3. Seeing the Michelangelo exhibit at the MET. 
4. Eating delicious ramen.
5. Macy's Balloon inflation (post here).
6. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (post here).
7. Thanksgiving Dinner.
8. Meeting Santa at Macy's. 

We also showed them some favorite places around our neighborhood. We cannot go a week without hitting up a couple of our favorite playgrounds.