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Cosette's First Broadway

Last week I won Broadway lottery tickets for Aladdin! One of my 18 things to do in 2018 is to take Cosette to her first Broadway. I have been entering the lottery out every now and then to try my luck. Then it paid off. I won! It was like Christmas morning getting the winning email. To say I was excited is an understatement. I was on cloud nine, so excited. Did I mention I was excited? I was taking my daughter to see her first Broadway, and a really popular one at that. This experience is one of the highlights of my life. That might sound silly, but it was an experience I will never forget. I am so grateful I got to share it with her from begining to end. 

I kept it a surprise mostly. I did tell her it was a show. We ran from the train all the way to the theater. It was really fun running through Times Square hand in hand bursting with excitement. As close as to feeling like a kid as I have gotten in a long time. She was hoping for Anastasia, but was equally thrilled when she saw the h…

All Smiles

Grandma Emily came to visit us before Christmas! We had a wonderful visit with her. She got to see all our favorite neighborhood spots, and to some of our other favorite spots in the city, and to see the Christmas decorations! NYC is at it's best dressed during the Christmas holiday. I am a broken record when it comes to NYC and Christmas, but I love it so much. It makes me so happy when we get to share it with our loved ones. 

Our first stop was the MET. Grandmas is an artist and got to see some of her favorites. My favorite thing we showed her was the magnificent painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. And the Egyptian temple. And the MET Christmas Tree. We went, we saw, and we covered some ground (because the place is huge) of the MET. 

Christmas Lights

One thing I loved during the Christmas season growing up was getting in the car and driving around and seeing all the Christmas lights around town. We do have that in NYC, but we missed out on it. Lucky us, we got to see some while in Tennessee. I have learned that if you do no get to do something at a certain time, it will happen later in some other way. This is an example of one of those times.

It was freezing. Cosette helped keep us warm by playing tag around the park. It was me and her that tagged along with my family. Pa treated her to a s'mores kit, lucky girl.  Pictures of the lights, and a fun memory we made with family.

Taking 2018 On

It's a new year. I have not been super psyched about it. Winter and the cold is really hard for me. This is the time of year when I want to fly South and not come back till April. NYC is great, but all of us New Yorkers are bundled up, grinning and bearing winter. I am really trying hard to stay positive and find things for us to do indoors. We are doing it. More puzzles, museum visits, indoor play dates, tons of games, and playgroup at the church gym scootering to our hearts content are some of the things we are doing. It's working out fine. I have felt like a slug since coming back from Tennessee.

I keep wanting it to be this time last year when I was just coming home from my sister trip to Japan, and solo adventure in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The below freezing winds make me dreadfully miss our island in the sun. We are here now, and we/I must look and march onward to the future.

Today I read my SG book that the women in our church congregation sign when someone moves. It has …

The Best Way to End the Year

Is playing games New Year's Eve of course. That and being with family and friends. We took a spontaneous trip to Tennessee for the New Year. We had planned on staying in NYC, but plans changed when my sister sent me a picture of them wedding dress shopping for my other sister. I really wanted to be there, because I have not been involved in a lot of big family events since we have always lived away.

It was fate that we go, because we found a rental car two blocks away and got on the road less than two hours after deciding we were going. It was a whirl wind trip, but it was amazing. We got out of the city for some of the freezing weather NYC was experiencing, and got to relax.

I visited my Grandpa's grave, which was really special for me. I had a close relationship with him. One his marker it has the inscription "together forever" for him and my Grandma. I am so grateful to be apart of an eternal family. 

 Cosette came with us girls dress shopping, and got to be there…