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First Weeks of Life

Cosette is almost two weeks old! Since her last doctors visit she weighs 7lbs and is perfectly healthy. She is a really good baby. She does not cry very much only when she needs a diaper change or when she is hungry. The only time she has really had a crying episode was in the car on her first outing in the world. She is even allowing Lyndon and I to get some sleep. The first few nights her prime awake time was from 1am to 4am but after being home for a few days she has figured out her nights and days. For a week now she falls asleep around 1am only waking up once to feed and going right back to sleep till about 8 or 9am. She is the best baby! She loves to be held so lucky for her she has plenty of family around that love holding her. Her Uncle David is completely in love with her. He is always wanting to giver her kisses. She likes to listen to the bugs. We sometimes take her outside during the cooler part of days and she will fall asleep listening to the bugs. We love her.

Her first …