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Our Weekend in Sleepy Hollow

We took a day trip last weekend just north of the city to visit Washington Irving's home, Sleepy Hollow, and the Great Jack O'lantern Blaze. It was a fantastic day! Lyndon planned the whole outing. He is kind of obsessed with the Blaze, but we all kind of are. Cosette has been talking about the "tunnel of love" from the Blaze this entire year. She was so excited to go to the "tunnel of love". Although since it was such an action packed day both kids were pretty tired by the time we reached it. I have been saying all month that we are big fans of Halloween in our house (Me and Coco). Cosette has been watching Curious George's Boo Fest just about every day which was perfect for the outing because it helped her understand The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which was what the day revolved around. The headless horseman (or Hessian) is known as no noggin in our house. Our first stop was to Washington Irving's home where we took a tour of the house, saw a puppet …

The Haunted Pumpkin Garden

These pumpkin creations welcomed you into the garden. 

Can You Tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

A couple of the lesser known characters, but I remember them. My youngest brother is ten years younger than me so there was a lot of Sesame Street watching in the house up till I graduated high school, which means the characters are some what ingrained into my brain. I can do a pretty good Elmo impression because of that.  

Destination Playground and the MET