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My Cousin's Wedding

Back tracking again to our time in Tennessee to the whole resaon we went, my beautiful cousin's wedding.  

They got married in the LDS Nashville, Tennessee temple. It really was the perfect day for a wedding. Thank you humidity for not being too overbearing.   
She is a few years older than me but we have been close since high school running cross country together and spent a lot of time together at BYU. She is a wonderful person and I was so excited that we were able to make it for her wedding. (We barely made it! We got back to the US the day before!)

Cosette stayed at home with Lyndon, so I got some lovin' from another cousin's baby, Scarlett. Scarlett is three days younger than Cosette and shares the same birthday with me!
The reception was done in traditional Barron glory. The entire family came out on to the dance floor and boogied to "We are Family". The DJ dedicated a song to my Just Dance loving brother who got out there and showed us how it was done. Needle…


We are back tracking a little bit to our visit to Tennessee! My cousin got married the day after we got back from Japan so we thought since we are already traveling why not go down to the good ole south for some southern fun.

My parents and siblings were thrilled to have baby Cosette there, although she is not much of a baby anymore.
Her favorite was Moses (the dog) I think.
It was one of the few times all of my family has been together since Lyndon and I got married. It was nice to be home with everyone.

We took Lyndon to Dolly Wood to enjoy a true Tennessee experience which included a funnel cake. In return he got us up early one day for some ultimate frisbee and beach volley ball where we pretended to be Misty May and Carrie Walsh. Oh, and we were glued to the TV every night watching the Olypics. USA! USA! USA!

We finally celebrated Cosette's birthday appropriately with a cupcake and all.


The Happiest Two Years

Lyndon and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this month. This is our first anniversary we have spent together. Last year I came down with mono two days before our anniversary and the day Lyndon had to move up to New York so he could start classes. It was very sad. 
This year competely made up for last year. Lyndon is so much better than I at planning fun activities for these romantic occasions. I have to brag on him because Valentine's Day and this anniversary have been absolutely spectacular. Whatever he plans he always keeps secret from me. It is always fun trying to figure out what he is planning. 
This year I woke up to find a note that lead me on a small treasure hunt around the apartment. The note also said that I needed to drop Cosette off at my friend's apartment and meet Lyndon at the Toy's 'R' Us in Times Square by the lego Empire State building (so romantic!!!). From there he whisked me off to a Japanese fushion restaurant, Eno, on the East side …

Mommy and Me Photos

Back in May right before we left a friend from church took these amazing photos of me and Cosette. I just got them and thought I would share. You can check out my photographer friend's blog here

Olympic Junkie

I am so excited the Olympics have been on. We love the Olympics! These Olympics are especially special because we started out our marriage in England and because one of my former team mates participated in these summer games.

Claire and I swam together way back from Atomic City Aquatic Club (ACAC). We swam together for a few years. She was a lot of fun at practice. I was so excited for her when I saw that she was going to the Olympic Trials. When she made the Olympic team I was so happy. I think it was all our dreams to make the Olympics, and she did it! Here she is swimming the 100M Butterfly, which happens to be my race. I am just going to live vicariously through Claire.  

She ended up in the finals for the women's 100m Butterfly and winning gold for the USA in the women's 400M Medly Relay.  USA! USA! USA!

I am so sad the Olympics are over now and cannot wait for Rio in 2016. Who knows maybe I will start hard core training and get there....

Japan Past and Present

While visiting my family I found these pictures from my parent's time in Japan and thought I would share.
My beautiful Grandmother and Momma at the Kinkakuji in Kyoto 1989.
Lyndon at Kyoto 2012. My Mom at the Diabutsu in Kamakura 1989.
Lyndon Kamakura 2012.
My Dad and baby me in Nara 1989. The deer are still greedy.
Me and Cosette 2012.
My Momma and baby me at Miyajima 1990
Plothows 2012.
I like this picture because I was following Cosette around the shrine just like my Mom was following me around. My Mom and baby me Miyajima 1990.
Noriko, Cosette, and I Miyajima 2012.

Journey back to the USA!

Our last day in Japan we just spent going around Yokohama seeing things that we had missed.
My cousin is a professional Japanese chef and showed my how to make shabu shabu. Shabu shabu is traditionally a winter dish. You take a dish called a donabe and boil water on a hot plate in the middle of a table. You cook your food in the donabe while sitting around the table. Traditionally vegetables and very thinkly sliced beef are cooked in this dish. You dip it in a couple of dipping suaces and voila you have shabu shabu. That night my cousin's husband did a quick run through of the Japanese tea ceremony. Lyndon really enjoyed that. We then made the trip to the Haneda airport where we spent the night and boarded a plane at 6am the next morning. Our feelings were bitter sweet. We really enjoyed our summer in Asia. But it has been a long time since we have been back in the US. It felt like it had been so long we could not remember what life was like before we left. We had a direct flight …

Tokyo Disney Land

At the close of our trip we wanted to spend a day at Tokyo Disney Land. Kind of cheesy I know, but I have never been to Diney Land ever. Lyndon's family are big Disney Land California fans and have cherished family memories from all the trips they have gone there. Lyndon really wanted to take Cosette and I there so we made it part of our trip plan. It was easier for us to go to Tokyo Disney Land than any Disney Land in the US since we do not live close, so why not?

I am so glad we went! We had a lot of fun. Cosette was able to go on most of the rides. We really enjoyed taking her there and having a fun family day. The pineapple ice cream defintely enhanced the experience as well. :-)
We met some fun friends.

And went on some fun rides.

I really did feel like I was reliving my childhood. I loved it!