Friday, 21 February 2014

Valentine's Day in Paris

Does not get more romantic than that! We have drug out this Valentine's Day a little bit. We started celebrating early by going out to dinner just the three of us (Lyndon, me, and Henry) the night before.

February 13th is a special day for us too because that is day Lyndon proposed to me on. We went to the Ballet West's performance of Swan Lake and walked up to the Salt Lake Temple where he proposed. It was a wonderful evening and since then Valentine's has been a wonderful reminder of the beginning of our life together.


Henry is happy to be out with Daddy and Mommy.

We went to the restaurant we ate at our first time ever in Paris together. It is called Brasserie Le Bourbon just off the from Hotel de Invalides. We are sentimental and romantic. I had the best meal the first time we went, steak with Roquefort cheese sauce. We have been talking about that meal for the last three years. It was amazing! V-day is a pretty good excuse to go back. The meal was just as amazing as we remembered it. The French do know how to make the best food. It was wonderful just to spend some kind of alone time with the hubs. Going out just the two of us is very rare, but that is how it is with a new baby.

Our cheese plate. We are being spoiled by the food in France. I am not sure what we are going to do when we go back to the states. The cheese and bread are so much better here. I am not a cheese person but I am being converted. 
For dessert we shared a homemade profiterole. It was delicious! The French are the masters of food! 

Cosette participated in a couple of Valentine's activities. This week at story time it was Valentine's themed. We read lots of great stories about Valentine's Day and then decorated a heart. Then our ward's primary had a Valentine's activity that she was able to attend. There are not many kids her age here and she had a wonderful time playing with the other primary kids. Of course decorating cookies and eating frosting was fun too.

Happy Valentine's Day from us! We like this holiday a lot. 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Henry Update

Henry is five months old today! It really does not feel like it has been five months. Was September really five months ago? 

Anyway, Henry is a joy! He is the happiest little boy on the face of the planet. I say that seriously. He is such a happy baby. I look at him and he gets the biggest smile on his face. He loves me and I cannot get enough of him.

He has started rolling over this past month. He rolls over and sometimes gets frustrated that he has rolled over and starts to fuss. Then we will put him back on his back and then he will roll right on over again. 

He still coos a lot. Cosette says he is screaming when he does (she is my little ham). He is becoming more and more alert and aware of his surroundings. Cosette will sit and read with him and he looks at the pages so intently. You can tell he is soaking everything in. He laughs and is very ticklish. He loves other little kids. He and this other little baby boy his age were smiling at each other one Sunday. Then after a little bit of smiling Henry started laughing every he and this other little baby looked at each other. It was precious. 

That is out Henry at five months. I hope he stays this sweet forever. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Museum aka The Louvre

The Museum is what Cosette calls The Louvre. We are so lucky to live right across the Seine from it. It is probably a 10-15 minute walk there from our flat. We are Louvre members! Our friend let us in on a little known secret that getting a year long Louvre membership is a better bargain than going a couple of times and paying for entry. We have been multiple times a week since we got our passes and we are loving it. 

Cosette is too. We found the Louvre's tactile room that has replica of different art pieces in the museum that you can touch. All the pieces are sculptures of children, babies, and cherubs. They make perfect subjects to interest little ones. Cosette calls it the baby room. That is where we have spent most of our time when we go. Cosette knows exactly how to get there. She and Lyndon found it together while they were out one time so I had not been. She showed me how to get there all by herself. She loves, loves, loves the baby room! We will pass by "The Museum" and she always asks to go see the babies.

Lyndon took this little clip of her playing in the baby room.

And if that little clip did not demonstrate how much she loves the babies maybe these photos will.

Even though most of our time is spent in the baby room we still have gotten to see parts of the Louvre. Lyndon down loaded an app that gives a variety of walking tours through the many galleries. It makes each visit more enriching to hear the commentary about the various art pieces. We are learning a lot. 

When we go we try to visit a different section of the museum. Maybe by the time we leave we will have seen everything. Probably not but we are making a dent in it. The Louvre is massive. We get lost just about every time, unless we are in the baby room. We know how to get there.

That ceiling!

Cosette kept running back and forth by this portrait while people took pictures of it. I think she photo bombs a lot on our visit here.
Saw the Mona Lisa on our first visit there. I asked Cosette if Mona Lisa was happy or sad. Cosette said "she is happy because she is smiling". There you go folks. The Mona Lisa is happy.


I had to take a picture of these beauties. I like the crown on the right. Usually I am not a pearls girl, but this crown is stunning!

There is a replica of the statue on the left in the Luxembourg Garden. We are looking forward to finding it there. Cosette sometimes asks to be carried in our ergo carrier. She is still my baby. I love my ergo because I can carrier for a little bit in it and it does not kill my back.

I will post more about our Louvre visit and what we have learned about the art. Hope you enjoy it! xoxo

These Two

I have to write a post praising my babies because they have been so wonderful with all the change that has been going these past few months. 

Oh these two kids. They make me laugh and cry and everything in between. Going from one to two kids was a lot easier adjustment than I thought it would be. Once Henry is mobile I might be saying something different, but as of right now it is smoothish sailing. Getting ready in the morning is a little bit more difficult, but we still make it out the door. I am so blessed to get to spend all my time with them. Especially now that we are in Paris and we live in a studio apartment there is no separating us.

Cosette has gone through the most adjustments because she became a big sister on top of all the traveling. She is a sweet heart. Last night she had been a little difficult. While I was nursing Henry, she came over and told me that she was sorry. She gave me a big hug and kiss. It made me so happy. I could feel all this love pouring out from her sweet self. Toddlers can be difficult at times, but I am happy she is my toddler. 
Cosette likes to read to Henry. I have found them on more than one occasion reading together. Henry has become very alert and pays attention to everything his big sister says. 

She has taken up with Henry well. Lyndon will ask her "whom do I love"? She will answer him and say "Mommy, Cosette, and HENRY!" At first Henry did not really know what to think of Cosette. She poked and prodded him so I think he was happy when she left him alone. Now he adores his big sisters. He smiles when he sees her and laughs when she does something funny. They are going to be good friends. 
Cosette is sitting still long enough to let me do her hair! Part of it is because she thinks she looks like a princess when I do it up. This up do and French braids are the only things I have managed besides her pony tail.
She is my little helper. Here she is pushing Henry around NYC before we left all by herself.

We are so lucky to be their parents. I love them to pieces!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


We spent a day in Kinsale. It is a beautiful little village about 15 minutes away from where we were staying. I had read that Kinsale is a top reason to visit County Cork because of it's picturesque pork and beautiful coastline. Charles and James forts are also located there. And it is known for its good food. We were sold. We had to go visit Kinsale. 

We first visited Charles Fort just out side the village. This fort was built after the English defeated the Irish and Spanish in the early 17th century at the Battle of Kinsale. The remnants of the British fort are very well preserved. It is a unique fort because it is a star fort. It looks similar to Fort Ticonderoga in New York State. Since it is up on a mountain it has great views of the area. 

This map of the fort is on the ground at the entrance. It illustrates the star shape of the fort. 

Our beautiful girl. 

If you cannot tell it was very very windy that day.

The beautiful coast.
Ireland is so beautiful! We could not help ourselves from taking so many pictures of the landscape. One great thing about Ireland is that much the country is these pristine landscapes that have not been taken over and commercialized. It is natural and "wild". 
You can see Kinsale Village off in the distance behind me. 
We walked from the fort to Kinsale Village. It was a pleasant walk minus the rain. We can say we really saw Kinsale since we walked up and down the hills all the way to the city. There were some really nice colored doors. I believe it is where I saw the magenta door. I am in love with it!
On our walk to the village we could see out to where the other British star fort, James Fort was. 
The Bulman Pub, where Cosette and I had our first fish 'n chips experience. It was the best fish 'n chips experience I could have asked for. It was divine, as divine as fried food can be. I could have gone back and had more for dinner. All the fish served there was caught with in a 50 mile radius of Kinsale. I am in favor of eating local and fresh is best. It was on our walk into the village. The view we had was beautiful. It is right on the bay in between Charles Fort and Kinsale Village. It was probably the best pub experience one cold hope for. 

Cosette loves French fries! Sh will not eat potatoes unless they are French fries. I have started calling all potatoes French fries to get her to eat them. It is working. Lyndon ordered the sea food chowder and was thrilled. The Bullman Pub was good all around. We give it two thumbs up!

Me and Henry loved our fish 'n chips.
The boats anchored down in the harbor. Lyndon wanted to take one out sailing. He is my Indiana Jones.

Cosette wanted me to take her picture. We needed a break and ventured into this little restaurant. There surprise surpise we got some hot chocolate. Lyndon was hungry again and indulged in a lemon cheesecake. It was so rich and so delicious. Two bites was enough for me. I wish we had time to go back to Kinsale on this trip because it is another foodie mecca. I did not know this but you go to Kinsale to eat. It is the city that was the leader in creating the Irish small town tradition of fine dining.

From there we walked up a hill a little ways to Kinsale Castle which is nothing compared to Blarney Castle or the Rock of Cashe,l but it is still a castle. I am not one to miss up the chance to see a castle even if it is a small one. It is now a wine museum. I love that even tiny villages in Ireland have their own castles.

This is the last Ireland post! I am happy that they are all up. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about our Irish adventures. We are looking forward to go back. I have already started planning and starting to get really excited for all there is to see in this beautiful country.
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