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The Massive Update

I have been the worst blogger lately. There just has not been that much going on. Our adventures have slowed down since Lyndon is busy with school and I  came down with mono two weeks after Cosette was born. The mono has keep me out of action for a while. I am finally starting to feel better and it is December! But I will tell you what has been going on.

Christine at the Toys R Us store at Times Square.
Lyndon in downtonw NYC.
So I came down with mono the night before we were supposed to move to the city. It was awful. Since I could not travel Lyndon went up witn my Dad and brothers, Eston and David. So once again we were separated for a few weeks till I was healthy enough to make the journey up there. Luckily Coco did not get sick. Lyndon was here during Hurricaine Irene. Manhattan was not hit very hard. Lyndon said there was some mild flooding in down town but that was about it. He went walking around the city after the hurricaine had passed and said it was completly empty. Thank goodn…

New York Livin

So I started this post a while back and forgot to post it so here is what was happening a few months ago....
We love the city! New York life is suits us well. Our experience last year in the UK has really helped with the transition to NYC. NYC and London have a similar feel to each other.
Lyndon is loving law school. He says it is the hardest academic experience so far. He is keeping up with all of his reading and other school work and has started a philosophical group at the law school. He can meet with his advisors to discuss internships, etc coming up in the next few weeks. 

Cosette is now three months old! She gets cuter everyday. She smiles all the time and is starting to giggle. It is so cute. She has also started to try rolling over. She is not quite there yet. She gets her body in the weirdest contortions trying to roll over I am afraid she might hurt herself but she never does. She is perfect! I say that because she is almost sleeping through the night. We have had a couple of n…

First Weeks of Life

Cosette is almost two weeks old! Since her last doctors visit she weighs 7lbs and is perfectly healthy. She is a really good baby. She does not cry very much only when she needs a diaper change or when she is hungry. The only time she has really had a crying episode was in the car on her first outing in the world. She is even allowing Lyndon and I to get some sleep. The first few nights her prime awake time was from 1am to 4am but after being home for a few days she has figured out her nights and days. For a week now she falls asleep around 1am only waking up once to feed and going right back to sleep till about 8 or 9am. She is the best baby! She loves to be held so lucky for her she has plenty of family around that love holding her. Her Uncle David is completely in love with her. He is always wanting to giver her kisses. She likes to listen to the bugs. We sometimes take her outside during the cooler part of days and she will fall asleep listening to the bugs. We love her.

Her first …

Cosette Alexandria is born

We've had a busy few days. On July 22, 2011 at 4:51 am Cosette Alexandria Plothow was born in Knoxville, TN. She weighed 6 lbs 13 oz., and was 20 inches long. She is beautiful and our perfect angel. We are proud and honored to be her parents. Christine and Cosette both had a healthy delivery, and both are recovering well. Life is busy as we prepare to move to New York in a little over two weeks. Here are some photos of our sweet baby.

Her world debut.

First family photo.

Thanks to Bella Baby Photography for taking such beautiful pictures of our little girl.

Paris Trip

You cannot live in Europe for a while without taking the time to do some traveling. Our most recent adventure took across the channel to the beautiful city of Paris. We took the Eurostar from London to Paris. I felt so European, haha. The Eurostar is amazing not only because you can leave from London and be in Paris in only a couple of hours but it goes under the ocean. I find bridges and tunnels that allow us to travel under bodies of water fascinating! We spent four walking filled days in beautiful Paris. The only down side to our trip was having to spend the night at St. Pancreas, because our train left before any other transportation was available, and having two hours before our bus left for Cambridge when we got back from Paris. But we made the best of it by snagging the comfy chairs at 24 hour Starbucks in St. Pancreas and drinking some delicious hot chocolate.

The first place we visited once we got to Paris was the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. It is the oldest Gothic Cathedr…