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This is the first of several posts I am going to do about our trip to India. This was the trip I wanted to make when we decided we were moving to Singapore. I told him the night we decided "Okay, we will go, but you have to take me to India". I have been dying to go since I saw Bend it Like Beckham, when I was 15 (yes, you can all laugh, but hey it got me interested in a different and new culture so two thumbs up for that movie). India has been at the top of my travel list for forever. At first it was just that would be so cool, but as the years past I and I learned more about this place, I knew that I would one day make it there. And we did!!!

We left Singapore in the morning and had a direct flight to the Indira Ghandi International Airport in Delhi. It was about six hours. We almost didn't make it. We slept through our alarm, and had to jump out of bed, book a cab, then get dressed, run down to the cab and pray all the way to the airport that we would make it. The chec…

Cosette's Ballet Open House

Cosette has started ballet again. She did one term last year and then started again at the beginning of this year. Parents are not allowed to sit in on classes, unless it is their child's trial class. They do have the open house for parents and family to come and see what the teacher does in class and what the kids have learned. 

Cosette has been talking about the open house for the last two weeks. She would remind me almost everyday that she had her ballet open house on the 21st, and the make sure I was there. I made sure, and Lyndon was able to make it! Her face when she saw that her daddy came is priceless. 

Grateful for opportunities to get to watcher grow and learn. She is an artist through and through. Love you baby girl and all your fabulous dance moves. 

Spring School Holidays Video

The kids had their spring school holiday the last week. What a week it was. Last year I had some outing planned everyday and we had so much fun together. This year I decided to do the same, especially since our time here is coming to a close (insert crying emoji face). We spent the week at some of our favorite places in Singapore. Cosette wanted to go to the Art Science Museum and Jurong Bird Park. Henry wanted to go to the River Safari. We did that and a lot more. 

The two things that stood out the most was ArtZoo. It is at the Float down at Marina Bay. It is a bunch of bounce houses that are animal and ecosystem themed. It was amazing! Cosette and Henry had so much fun. We ran from bounce house to bounce house. Their favorite was the sea themed one. It had a giant octopus, crabs, knar whale, and some others I cannot remember. I lost Henry at one point (sadly that is pretty normal), and found him back on that one jumping all over the place. If it was only free. We would have gone back…

Raphael Update

Raphael will be 20 months this month! He is the sweetest little cherub there is out there. I know every mother will say that about their kids, but really he is the cutest! He has such a sweet demeanor that fills our home to the brim with love. I love having him around. The big kids have school in the morning so we get one on one time and it is the best. Having one kid around is so easy, I forgot what it was like. He is just so sweet. There is something about having a baby or small child in the home that makes us more aware of the evils that are out there and try to make home a safe environment. At least that is how it is for me. I have become very sensitive to what I want around not just Rapah, but the others. It helps keep them little just a bit longer. There is no need for them to grow up faster than they already do. 
He speaks a lot. The words he says are: Mama, Dada, Coco, more, done, book, milk, go, hi, bye, please, thank you. He is starting to say more. It has become a lot easie…

Japan Sister Video!

Yeah, so I have taken my time getting this video done. But better late than never. I am just one of those people where I start a project, and I finish it. It makes me feel accomplished to reach my "goals" or finish projects. 

Anyway, Japan again amazing. I noticed when I was putting all the clips in every time I talk I say, "here we are at". Bear with me on that one. I am laughing at myself for that. But really Japan is amazing. Ellen and I had such an incredible trip and it has really strengthened our relationship, not that it needed it. It was nice doing something together. Hopefully we can make sister trips a tradition and include all our wonderful sisters. We got to experience so many once in a lifetime things. Glad it was with Ellen. 

Enjoy the vlog. It is the longest video I have done, but it is jam packed with our week of traveling. Hopefully it keeps you interested. The music is piano compilations from Kiki's Delivery Service, and My Neighbor Totoro. I am…

Gong Xi Fac Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year! 2017 is the year of the rooster, and we have seen our share of roosters everywhere. CNY began January 26th and the festivities lasted all the way through February. We had our last CNY event February 26th. It is one of my favorite times of year here. Everywhere gets decked out in CNY decorations like we do for Christmas in the States. It is so fun, colorful, loud, exciting, and so much to do. We barely even scratched the surface of all the CNY activities. Here are the ones that we did. First stop to kick everything off, naturally for us, was a trip to the zoo.