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Safari Zoo 5K

It was so relaxed. People were stopping and looking at the animals, taking pictures at every km marker. It was a blast. Especially running and passing Orangutans or chimpanzees on the way. We stopped and look at the baby giraffe named Jubilee because Singapore just celebrated their golden jubilee in 2015. 
Cosette did great the first 1km but after that she lost her running powers. I had to keep reminding myself during the run that this was something for us to do together and have a good time. We would walk for a little bit then run for a little bit. I would pick a point and once we passed the sign we would run till we passed this other sign. It worked, and after the 5km mark we ran to the finish line. She wanted to hold hands while we ran together. It was sweet and made my Momma heart almost burst. It was hard for her, but she did it. I am proud of her for finishing and not giving up. Lyndon sneaked into the finishing area and met us at the finish line. For some reason they didn't…

School Time: Cosette's Favorite Thing in the World


Henry Update


Chinese New Year

A video we made of our CNY experience in SG. Lion dances galore!
A few more pictures from our day at the zoo on CNY and other activities.