Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Saturday in Brooklyn Part 2: Dumbo!

Saturdays are my favorite day right now. Lyndon is off work and doesn't have to study so we have the whole day to do whatever we want. We have just been taking off and spending our days outside walking around our city. It has been fantastic! 

The rest of our Saturday in Brooklyn we spent in DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Great views of the city, Grimaldi's pizza, Brooklyn Icecream Factory, great playgrounds, Jane's Carousel are all reasons why we love DUMBO!

Grimaldi's is one of our favorite pizza spots in the city and there never is a good excuse not to get some pizza there, even if the line is long. It is totally worth the wait. We were starving so the pizza tasted even better than usual.  

Cosette enjoed playing with the cup of ice. 

I love her "cheese" smile. 

Family shot with me looking extremely pregnant. 

Last time we were at this playground she kept calling the chicken a duck. This time she knew it was a chicken and called it chicken. Yay! She is learning.

Downtown. Lyndon says it is his favorite part of the city.

 After eating some delicious pizza and icecream, we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun went down. It was beautiful to see the sun set over the city and the city lights come alive. 

Cosette walked across the bridge for the first time. Normally she just rides in the stroller but she is big enough and has the stamina she walked the whole way across. 

So beautiful. We made it back home tired and exhausted but grateful to live in this wonderful city. NYC we love You!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Costte's Birthday!

Cosette turned two on Monday July 22! And the royal baby was born. She had a pretty great day. We visited Daddy at work and had lunch with him. That is one of our favorite things to do, go see Daddy at work. He always waits for us on the platform of the subway. When Cosette saw him she ran to him. It was pretty precious moment. 

That night to celebrate her birthday we met up with some of Lyndon's family that were in town down at Bryant Park. We had birthday cake, ice cream, and presents! Cosette was more interested in playing with Drew than opening her presents which was fine with me. I glad she loves playing with her friends. She rode the carousel there which I think was the high light of her day. She loves riding carousels and she got to ride with Drew. In her world nothing gets better than that.

The Veggie Tales cake! It is her favorite right now. I had to do it before she prefers something else. 

Daddy helped show her how to blow out her candles. 

Drew wanted to blow out a candle too. 

She was very very excited to get some horses for her birthday. She is obssesed with horses right now. 

Their favorite thing to do was play in the gravel. Cosette was filthy when we got home we had to shower.

If you look at the kiddos faces you now know what pure joy looks like. 

Happy Birthday Cosette! This is going to be a great year for you even if you entering into the terrible twos. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

25 on the 25th

Today is my birthday. I am 25 on the 25th of July. I am excited about that. I always thought it would be cool to turn the same age as the day of my birthday and here it is. Lyndon is the best husband and has some surprises planned so I know it will be a good day. And another thing to make today special is that I am 32 weeks pregnant and officially in the eighth month of this pregnancy! The end is in sight. Happy Happy Day.

Saturday in Brooklyn Part 1: NYC Aquarium

I have not been really motivated to blog lately. I have a ton of pictures from our summer adventures but lack energy to sit and write about them. When you are 30 plus weeks pregnant and it has been as hot as it has been my motivation has kind of evaporated. So here I am with a catch up post about a fun Saturday we had in Brooklyn. 

The original excuse to venture to Brooklyn that day was to pick up a baby carrier I found on craigslist. However, it did not work out. The pick up location was on the way to the NYC Aquarium, though, so at least we did not travel out of our way. I must say I love our zoo pass. It gets us into all of the zoos in the city plus the aquarium. The aquarium was damaged during Sandy and part of it just recently opened. It is out in Coney Island but there are several trains that drop you off close or right there next to it. Yay for that. 

"Fish!" she said over and over again as she jumped up and down.

Learning about penguins.

We had a lot of fun at the aquarium. Mainly because Cosette was so excited. When Cosette is having fun it usually means we are having fun too. It really does make me so happy to see her excited and enjoying herself. I guess that really shows I am a momma. By that time she had learned about fish and was really excited about them. She also said penguin for the first time that day and was loving seeing those birds splash around. Her favorite animals to see at the zoo all live part of their life in the water. Not sure if it is a coincidence or not but her favorites are sea lions, polar bears, and penguins. We got to see two out of the three that day. We talked to one of the workers by the penguin exhibit and learned that most penguins do not live in freezing cold places like you think they do (by freezing cold I mean Antartica). Most penguins live on the southern coast of the continents like South America, Africa, and then of course a couple species live in Antartica. Most of the penguins at zoos are from the southern coasts of Africa (and here is a link to a map of penguin habitats if you are so inclined to look it up). As you can proabaly tell we spent a good deal of time at the penguin exhibit. 

Cosette observing the sea otter.

We saw a couple of new animals that we had never seen before. We got to watch the sea otter get some dinner. Those otters are huge! I have only seen river otters and sea otters make river otters look tiny. They are really long and a lot wider than I thought they would be. It was alomost like a beaver thickness but a lot longer than a beaver. Cosette thought they were pretty cool. The other new animal we saw were walruses. Lyndon was shocked at how large they are. The aquarium has two and we also got to see them feed. I guess it was lunch time when we were there. So funny story about Lyndon and walruses. He read King Soloman's Mines a couple of summers ago and decided that he wanted to have an elephant farm where people could come and hunt elephants and we would get to keep the ivory. He was fascinated with ivory at the time. I told him that I would have no part in that plan because it was just cruel to the poor elephants. So he decided that we could have a walrus farm in Greenland instead, because they have tusks made of ivory as well. And who cares about the walruses? Yeah, I doubt we are going to have an elephant or walrus farm. I think our trip to the aquarium decided that. 

The best part about the aquarium was the sea lion show! It was awesome. We got to see sea lion do flips, dive off tall things, and lots of tricks. Cosette loved it. We never knew such large mamals were so agile. My favorite part of the show was when the trainers were talking about sea lion's enemies and they playing the jaws music while the sea lion swam with one fin out of the water like a shark. Funny!

Yeah, that is what we did for part of the day in Brooklyn. We will be better about taking more pictures because as I am writing this I am thinking we are really lacking in some good pictures of our time at the aquarium. Post about the rest of that day to come.  

Monday, 22 July 2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer Time

This summer is flying on by. It is the middle of July! Can't say I complain. I am looking forward to Lyndon's internship ending and having him all to ourselves before school starts. Cosette and I are selfish when it comes to our Daddy. And I am looking forward to September and baby boy's arrival. 

We have been surviving the heat pretty well. I love the city in the summer. I do not think I have found a season that I do not love here (well winter is not my favorite). Lyndon's cousin and his family are in the city for the summer. We have loved having them close by. Cosette loves playing with their little boy. She asks to see him every morning. 

Here are some photos of what we have been up to so far this summer. 

Cosette and Drew. She loves this kid.

On the Central Park Carousel. I think we have been on just about every carousel in the city.

Playing the princess matching game with Daddy when he gets home from work. 

We made a trip out to Hoboken with friends. We had to make a stop at the Cake Boss. Cosette was in heaven. She loves cake.

Cosette has been happy spending lots of time with friends.

and me too. We are buddies.

The Bronx Zoo with friends.

She was so excited to ride on the bug carousel at the zoo.

The polar bear, one of Cosette's favorite animals, was in the water that day. We had a good time watching him swim.

We made some playdough. 

Had a picnic in Central Park.

Played at the children's part of the Central Park Zoo. We had not been there yet.

Took a ride on the Bryant Park Carousel. This is my favorite of all the carousels in the city. It is small but very elegant, for a carousel that is. There are other animals to ride other than horses which Cosette likes. 

Splashing around the water lab in Brooklyn. 

Summer has been good to us so far. Hopefully we will not melt in this heat. Thank goodness for our ac unit. It has been working hard. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Columbus Trip

We took a weekend trip out to Columbus, Ohio for a wedding reception. One of Lyndon's best friends from high school got married so we road tripped it out to Ohio for the weekend. Oh what a trip it was. It was like all the forces of nature were against us getting there. We had so many problems getting a rental car. We finally got one but had to trek out to New Jersey to get it. We were pleased with the car until at 2 am when we got a flat tire. Stinky cheese! Both of us had never changed  a flat tire ever. I am lucky Lyndon is a go getter and figured it out. We were back on the road in less than an hour. 

Saturday we spent the day at the Columbus Zoo. We are zoo people. Cosette was in heaven. She loves animals. The Columbus Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country and home to the famous Jack Hannah. That shows you how much of a zoo nerd I am. The zoo was awesome. We should have done it in two days. If only time had allowed. We made the most of our day and saw and did as much as we could.

We got to pet a lot of animals at the zoo. Cosette and I spent some time at the sting ray touch tank. Cosette was not too into the sting rays. One surprised Cosette and splashed her.

You can see her little fingers dipping in the water. Her actions and movements are very dainty and ladylike. 

She is brave. She touched this American alligator on the tail.

Daddy and daughter photo. I love photos like this. 

She is still into playing with rocks or I guess in this case gravel. 

We made it just in time for the animal encounter. Got to see some new animals as well as some favorites.

Cosette's favorite was the sand fox. She thought it was a dog. She got upset when they took it back. She is an animal lover.

We got to get up close to this cheetah. The animal encounter is the only part of the zoo where you get to see a cheetah.

Oh and the most exotic animal of all, the golden retriever. Apparently he was raised with cheetahs and is the cheetah's buddy. I guess he keeps the cheetah in check.

She is our dancing princess. She loves to dance anytime anywhere.

One of the coolest experience of the day was seeing the manatee. This was the first time for all three of us seeing one in person. Pretty neat creatures. 

What good zoo does not have a  crousel? We are obsessed with them right now. We cannot get enough of them. 

I love her little pose she is doing in the picture on the left. 

We tried to track down Jack Hannah while we were there. We were told that he would be in the Australian section of the zoo. 

The kangaroo enclosure was set up in a very unique way. You can get up really close and personal with the animals if they are awake. You enter the enclosure through some doors and there is a roped pathway for the zoo visitors to stay on and the kangaroos can go (or in this case hop) where ever they want. That means that if they want to wonder onto the roped path with the zoo visitors they can! We went at the wrong time of day. They were all asleep. The one on the left apparently was hanging out in the middle of the path earlier that day. Wish we could have seen that. 

Next we got to see some prehistoric creatures, the dinosaurs! Cosette is now very into dinosaurs. She talks about them a lot.

Ready to see some dinosaurs! Once on the boat ride Cosette was not excited about the dinosaurs anymore. There was one that was spitting water and was pretty ferocious that kind of scared here. Poor baby girl. She laid her head on my lap and told me that she was scared. We cuddled for the rest of the boat ride which I will not complain about. Cuddle time with a toddler is pretty limited. They like to be able to go where they please.

Cosette's absolute favorite part of the day was the pony ride she took. Horses are her new favorite animal. She was so excited to ride the pony. Lyndon took her on it and said she was touching the pony and saying "horse" the whole time. She was in heaven.

As our tradition at zoos we like to get pictures with the animal sculptures. The Columbia Zoo has a huge collection of animal sculptures and so we took a picture with everyone we found.

Gorilla. The Columbia Zoo is home to the first gorilla born in captivity. I think it was born in 1956 (?) and it is still living!

Cosette and the red river hog.

Baby Rhino. The sculpture was  pretty hot so Cosette was not interested in sitting on it. Just patting it. 

We missed out on the aquarium but got a couple of photos with the sting ray sculpture and...

hammerhead shark!

Hanging with the manatees.

This is Cosette's classic "cheese" picture. She says "cheese" and will look just about everywhere but the camera. 

And lastly the king of the lizards, the komodo dragon. 

We need to be better about taking pictures. We took all the pictures at the zoo and did not get one of Lyndon and his friend. What were we thinking? To sum up our whirl wind weekend in Columbus was great! We do not regret going even with all the car problems and traffic we suffered (it was pretty intense). We embraced all parts of this adventure.

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