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The kids had a mid-winter break back in February for an entire week. Lyndon took that time off and we had a stay-cation week. We tried out some new restaurants in our neighborhood, went to our favorite bakery more times than I can count, took a day trip, and had a preview of what summer in the city was going to be like.

Day Trip to Delaware

If you haven't noticed, we like to travel. Now that we are back in the States we are trying to visit States close by and make Lyndon's life goal of visiting every State (and also every country). We have talked about going to Delaware to just go to Delaware. We rented a car and drove down to for a day trip. It's about a three hour drive from the city. Our plans were to check out Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and William Penn landing site.

We spent most of our time at the Wildlife Refuge. There were a lot of little board walk hikes. We saw a lot of birds, ducks, geese, lots of different species of hawks, turkey vultures (so many of them), herons, other water birds. It was really cool to see groups of them fly up into the sky together. We also saw fiddler crabs, a fox meandering down the road (which meant it probably had something wrong with it), and a couple of snakes. Cosette saw the snakes. Poor girl was taking her time and was behind us a little bit on the trail. W…

February Spring

Mother nature gave us a glorious taste of spring this week. 77 degree weather in February! We were in shorts and t-shirts. It was amazing. Sometimes those days are that are suppose to be really warm trick you a little bit, but this was full on spring-summerish weather. Also made extra special since it was mid-winter recess from school and we had the week off. 

The whole city was alive. Central Park was filled with the most people so far this year. It was amazing to see her being used like she is supposed to. Bass and a saxophone duo were going on by the Lake. It was glorious! We spent the entire day outside because the next day February was back, high of 46. 

I feel like I talk about weather a lot on here, but when you live in a small space and do not have a car, the weather really effects your day more so. We have to get out rain or shine, or we all go crazy. Having a day like this was a gift. I am so looking forward to warmer days. Looks like the groundhog lied about its shadow. Me t…