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School Time: First Day of School!

Second Grade! Kindergarten! Pre-School! All three of my big kids are in school. I am so proud of them. There were no tears on the first day. A couple of them were a little nervous but went to their classes without any fuss, and at pick up were wearing huge smiles. 

 Cosette is in class with one of her best friends. The girls are over joyed about it. They still play with their other friends at recess. 

Henry has lots of friends in his class from his Pre-K, church, and playground. He is doing really well, and loves it. I have walked by the school a couple times randomly when he has been out at recess and saw him with a huge smile running around with his buddies. Of course, I also got his attention to say "hi". He was so cute when he sees me. He comes up to the gate and gives me a kiss through the bars. Love it!

 Rapha is going to the same school he went to last year. He has the same head teacher, and some of the same kids. His best buddy goes to school with him too. He is excite…


I had a mini date with my Henry to Candytopia. His BFF and his mom invited us to go with them for a back to school treat. Henry’s Birthday is coming up, so it became a special birthday treat for him.

Candytopia is a pop up exhibit with  rooms displaying art made out of candy. It is a interactive experience that make you feel like you are in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, although chocolate is not really apart of the. Exhibit.  All the displays are made out of candy. There are plaques that tell you how much of each type of candy was used. It was a really fun experience. Lots of places to take great pictures, and of course great memories.

When we entered in the gates we were greeted by a man dressed up in a bright colored suit and hat who waited with us till the great magician was ready. When the magician came out we entered into Candytopia! The magician then told us about candytopia as we looked around the room. There were giant clocks hanging from the ceiling. He asked us to find a sp…

Summer Part 2: New York!

We made it back to NYC with a few summer weeks left. We spent our time catching up with friends, lots of playground, pizza eating, ice cream eating, reading, and zoo visits. It is hard to say what our favorite thing was, but pretty much every day was a good day. We got a few more things checked off our summer bucket list.