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Thanksgiving 2018

We had a less than normal Thanksgiving this year. I am feeling lots of emotions about it. We did not have a traditional Thanksgiving meal, in fact I didn't even cook. We had no family coming that was staying for the meal, and I have been exhausted and no desire to make a huge feast. That is strange for me, because I really like my Thanksgiving food. I have cultivated several recipes that I only make at Thanksgiving, and I love them. We had Indian food instead, which was great! Lyndon and I love Indian food more than traditional Thanksgiving food, and most other food. The kids I do not think were to thrilled about it. Cosette said, "When we think of Thanksgiving we think of turkey, not Indian food". A lovely note she took from "Arthur's Thanksgiving" they have been reading. The boys made some sort of pie that we kind of had the ingredients for. I was taking a nap and woke up to a delicious chocolate pie something, haha.

Now after the fact I feel kind of weird…