Thursday, 29 September 2016

Australia Video!

I compiled a bunch of clips that all of us (Brooke, Lyndon, and me) took over the course of our trip to Sydney. This video makes my heart so happy. Seeing all the kids smiling, having fun, and getting along makes me so happy. I hope they forever remember this trip. I think that everyone can agree that cousins make the best friends. And seeing all the clips with Lyndon in them gives me butterflies. I am one lucky girl to have a handsome, intelligent man like him. I really wanted to make this trip happen and he supported me 100%. It was so great! Several of my life's bucket list items are checked off! It is like Christmas coming early for me. And having some good time with family. Grateful that we had them to show us around Sydney and spend time with us.

My favorite things about this video are:
1. The kid photo bombing us at the Jenolan Caves. Listen for it. He will never know that I was filming and not just taking a pic.
2. Raphael's smile on the cable car at the Taronga Zoo.
3. Cosette's monologue about the wallaby at the Fatherdale Wildlife Park.
4. The dragon and Super Grover kites at Bondi Beach.
5. Seeing a kangaroo and echinda in the wild!
6. All the stunning images of the Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House.
7. George smashing the cake in his face.
8. And pretty much everything. I think this is my favorite video we have made so far.

I can't stop playing it, mostly because of the song. "Can't stop the feeling....." I have been "dance, dance, dancing" around the apartment all week to it.

I published it to my youtube channel, but because of copy right issues the audio was muted. I instead published it to my vimeo account, so you can look at it there. I am hoping that the copy right issue will be resolved and the audio will be allowed on youtube. Anyway, hope you like it and book some tickets to Sydney.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Indoor Gardening

We were really inspiring by the terrariums we saw at the Garden Festival back in July that we, well I , decided to make one with the kids. We already had an empty glass jar that would work perfectly for one we just needed to get the supplies. Thank goodness for the internet and pintrest. I got all the info I needed to make one on there. And I found out what type we needed to make. I choose to make one that did not need a lot of sunlight since I was not sure where it would be in the apartment. That type requires different plants from ones that are in the sun. And I found out while researching that if you have an open or closed terrarium affects the types of plants you use. My research was not extensive by any means. I gleaned enough information to know what supplies was needed. 

We live close-ish to street that is lined with large nurseries with anything you need for a garden. I did not realize how many there were. I knew of one just from glancing at it from the bus or a taxi one day. We do not walk as much as we did in NYC here because it is too hot. I find a lot of places by looking it up on line or seeing it from the bus/cab window. So I knew we lived close to at least one.

The first nursery we went to did not have the material and they told us to go next door. And the nursery next door had everything we needed. I asked one of the employees about where I could find materials for a terrarium and she was the nicest and helped us find everything. I needed some active charcoal and she said that they did not have any in stock, but gave me a small bag of it for free along with several little birds and frog figurines to place in the terrarium. She was so nice! We got the rocks for the bottom, the active charcoal, soil, and two begonia plants. Cosette was all about picking out everything. Henry was all about running around. We made it out without breaking anything, yay! 

We also picked out a couple of succulents for Lyndon's office. He had requested plants that did not need to be watered often. Cosette picked out a cactus and a echeverias succulent. 

There was a cold room with fresh cut flowers that we went in and picked out some to take home. Henry picked out a sunflower, I chose a white hydrangea, and Cosette picked a pink Gerber Daisy. For the life of me I cannot keep flowers a live. They lasted till the end of the week, but then were dead, dead, dead. However, the terrarium is thriving! I guess I can manage plants that require minimum maintenance.

Raphale and one of the neighbor kids at the playground. They were so sweet with him. Everyone here loves, loves, loves babies. 
 It was incredibly easy to put together. We went outside that evening and I assembled it. I tried to involve the kids, but they had no desire to help me (I am the little red hen). We put in the birds, frogs, and some sea shells that we brought back from Indonesia. It is awesome. It's not been broken, and resides in our master bedroom. It was a fun little project to do with the kids, and I think we are going to make another one, with Daddy this time.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Beach-day, Pool-day, Fri-day

My favorite day of the trip was going to Bondi Beach. We made sure to pronounce it the correct way Bond-eye so not to offend the locals. We had made plans to hike from Cogee Beach up to Bondi Beach, but with kids you have to be flexible and they were not having any hiking. So that plan got thrown out the window. We still did some hiking around the northern part of the beach. It was fantastic! All five of us enjoyed jumping around on the rocks and trying to not get our feet soaked when the water came in. It was so much fun. And so beautiful. I think it is the swimmer in me that made me love this place so much. All kinds of bodies of water draw me in and I am in love. 

We went on a perfect day. The sun was shinning, a little too bright. I was a little pink when we left. I was just dumb and didn't put sun screen untill after our hike. 

We hiked up to Ben Buckler Point. It's the most north point of the Bondi horse shoe. The view was incredible. We were on top of the world in Sydney! It was enough of a hike for the kids and us to enjoy. They were so ready to go to the beach and swim. Cosette started down to the beach before we were even ready to leave. That girl is a little too independent sometimes. It will serve her well in the future, but right now it is hard to keep with all three of them. 

We stopped at the best place for lunch. It is called North Bondi Fish, and enjoyed some of the best fish and chips I have ever had. My fish and chips in Ireland is still first place, but these are a close second. The atmosphere was great being right on the beach. Our kids loved their food and the staff was great with them, and that always makes me give any place two thumbs up. The giant flakes of sea salt on the fish and chips were just yum! If I could do a Italian finger kissing thing that is how I would describe them. Lyndon and I shared them and we balanced out the meal by sharing a kale and pumpkin salad which was also Italian finger kissing good. It was really nice to have some good Western food on this trip. I love Asian food, but I didn't realized how much I missed Western cuisine.

The beach was the best! The water was freezing. Lyndon threw me in twice, much to my chargin. He loves doing things like that to me. I usually let him, sometimes I don't have a choice like that day. I was not ready for that chilly water. He also decided that I needed to be buried in sand. Cosette and Raphael were all for it. Henry was my hero and keep brushing the sand off me telling them to not bury mommy. It was cute. Raphael made a break for the water and then decided that he did not like it when a wave washed up on shore and got him wet. Henry was in sand heaven. He just played and played in it. Cosette was the brave one or just the one who loves her daddy the most and had him carry her into the waves with him. Lyndon was having the time of his life frolicking, for the lack of a more manly term, in the water. There were a lot of people out there surfing, some people were literally swimming out to sea. It was a pretty dreamy afternoon.  

Pink dolphins. What more could a girl want?
The pose seemed appropriate for the place.
Then Cosette had to get her own pic. We had a lot of good mother-daughter bonding on this hike. Lyndon was with the boys so it was us girls together. I loved it. She is the best friend I could ask for and I have so much fun with her. 

The water was so blue. It was beautiful. 
At the top of Ben Buckler Point. 

The plant life in Australia is so interesting. There are succulents everywhere! Really beautiful flowers. 

That night we met up with Brooke and her boys at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. That was kind of a big deal for me. I zealously watched the 2000 Sydney Games. Those games were so good. The swimming in those games was incredible! I vividly remember a lot of those races and the swimmers who competed in them. Going to the Olympic Aquatic Center was really emotional for me. The smell of chlorine, the pool, there was a swim meet going on that night. It brought back so many memories. I seriously have spent most of my life in a pool. I might have teared up a little when I got inside. and saw the everything. I am so much of a swimming nerd that I looked up swimming venues in Sydney. Being there was an absolute dream. My swimmer heart was soaring and I was so happy. This might sound silly, but it was more of a happy feeling of reverence. I am writing all this probably because I was feeling emotional about being there. It was great! Swimmer dreams coming to reality. 

The real reason we went is because there is a fantastic kid's water area. We played there for a few hours with the cousins. You can see it in the background of the pic below. It was a blast. The kids did not want to leave. 

On the way out I got some pics with some of my favorite swimmers of all time. I don't care what people say about Michael Phelps, I think he is the most amazing athlete of our time. Such an incredible swimmer. It is not easy to be good at so many events, let alone the best which he proved he at the 2008 Beijing Games. I could go on about the guy, but what is important about him and Sydney is that Sydney was his first Olympic Games. He was 15 and was an upset in the trials, I watched them and remember the race, and I swam in the pool the trials were held in (swimming nerd). He did not medal in Sydney, but I remember him racing. Huge Michael Phelps fan and was so excited to see his plaque. I made the kids watch the 2016 Games and we were cheering for Phelps. The kids keep calling him Michael Philips, haha. 

I told Cosette that this was where the Olympics were held and she started jumping up and down shouting, "Olympics! Olympics!". I was just a little proud at her enthusiasm and her enthusiasm for seeing Michael "Philips" hand and foot prints. 

Ian Thorpe, my favorite Aussie swimmer. I loved watching the Thorpedo in the Sydney Olympic Games. I was in swimming heaven the whole day. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Taronga Zoo

Us girls took the kids to the Taronga Zoo one day. It was on our list because we are zoo people and we were not going to miss a chance to take our kids to an Aussie zoo to see all the Australian wildlife. 

The Taronga Zoo is beautiful. We walked from the flat to Circular Quay to catch the ferry. It drops you right off at the bottom of the Zoo. The Zoo is on a hill, so we took the bus to the top of the Zoo and made our way down the hill. No reason to push the stroller uphill the whole day. 

The kids were a bit crazy. Funniest part of the day was when William picked up a pile of kangaroo poop in the free range kangaroo exhibit. Luckily it did not get all over him. Boys, boys boys. 

Our zoo crew.
My Sun bear and she is my sunshine every day. 
These are Wandering Whistling Ducks and they make the cutest noises. They whistle and not quack. It was adorable!
We got to see a lot of Australian wildlife. The Kangaroo enclosure was pretty amazing. There were all different species of Kangaroo and Wallaby. I did not realize how many there were. Henry is looking at a Grey Kangaroo.  We also saw Wombats, an a Platypus! One of the most adorable creatures to watch swimming and such a joy to experience. 

Made it to the top!

Wild Cockatoo flying around the zoo. My favorite thing of the day. 
The giraffe's have the best view. They are lucky.
Cousin picture on animal statues. It's a tradition that is stretching through generations. I love it!
These two critters. I love them both so much.
Crocodile hunters.

Not the best picture, but Henry was so excited to see the reptiles. He loved seeing the snakes move around their enclosures and was in boy heaven. We saw a Basilisk lizard which made me really happy because it is an animal from a Wild Kratts episode. My kids are obsessed with that show. It is the only thing they will watch. I really like seeing animals from the show in real life. The kids get really excited because they know a lot about it from Wild Kratts. The Kratt Brothers, another thing stretching over generations. 
Silly heads. 
Searching for Koala Balloon. It's a Wild Kratts thing. 
We got to see all three Koalas awake and moving around. It was awesome. 


Zebra-ing around. 

Girls picture! I had the best time with Brooke at the Zoo. I'm so happy that this trip happened and we got to spend time together. 
I was happy to see the Gorillas. We do not have them at the Singapore Zoo, so it was a treat. And we got to see two baby Gorillas! Double the cuteness.
My favorite part was going on the cable car. The Zoo designers were genius and have a cable car that runs from the top to the bottom of the zoo. So genius! That meant once we got down to the bottom of the hill we could relax and ride it back up to the top. So genius! We got to ride over the the zoo and see animals from the cable car. It was really cool. We loved "flying" over the elephants. George rode with us and it was a lot of fun. He and Cosette were buddies the whole trip.
It was a successful zoo day because Henry fell asleep on a stranger on the bus. Thank goodness it was a nice stranger and she did not mind and was so so so nice about it. So grateful for people like that. Actually both people sitting on either side of the four big kids in the back of the bus were so nice. I really appreciate people who are nice about kids. All you city parents will understand. The bus driver was so chill too. We got off at the last stop and were the last ones on the bus because I had Raphael and a sleeping Henry I had to carry off. The bus driver didn't make me swipe my oyster card. So chill. Tender mercies everywhere. 
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