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Australia Video!

I compiled a bunch of clips that all of us (Brooke, Lyndon, and me) took over the course of our trip to Sydney. This video makes my heart so happy. Seeing all the kids smiling, having fun, and getting along makes me so happy. I hope they forever remember this trip. I think that everyone can agree that cousins make the best friends. And seeing all the clips with Lyndon in them gives me butterflies. I am one lucky girl to have a handsome, intelligent man like him. I really wanted to make this trip happen and he supported me 100%. It was so great! Several of my life's bucket list items are checked off! It is like Christmas coming early for me. And having some good time with family. Grateful that we had them to show us around Sydney and spend time with us.

My favorite things about this video are:
1. The kid photo bombing us at the Jenolan Caves. Listen for it. He will never know that I was filming and not just taking a pic.
2. Raphael's smile on the cable car at the Taronga Zoo.
3. Co…

Indoor Gardening

We were really inspiring by the terrariums we saw at the Garden Festival back in July that we, well I , decided to make one with the kids. We already had an empty glass jar that would work perfectly for one we just needed to get the supplies. Thank goodness for the internet and pintrest. I got all the info I needed to make one on there. And I found out what type we needed to make. I choose to make one that did not need a lot of sunlight since I was not sure where it would be in the apartment. That type requires different plants from ones that are in the sun. And I found out while researching that if you have an open or closed terrarium affects the types of plants you use. My research was not extensive by any means. I gleaned enough information to know what supplies was needed. 

We live close-ish to street that is lined with large nurseries with anything you need for a garden. I did not realize how many there were. I knew of one just from glancing at it from the bus or a taxi one day. W…

Beach-day, Pool-day, Fri-day

My favorite day of the trip was going to Bondi Beach. We made sure to pronounce it the correct way Bond-eye so not to offend the locals. We had made plans to hike from Cogee Beach up to Bondi Beach, but with kids you have to be flexible and they were not having any hiking. So that plan got thrown out the window. We still did some hiking around the northern part of the beach. It was fantastic! All five of us enjoyed jumping around on the rocks and trying to not get our feet soaked when the water came in. It was so much fun. And so beautiful. I think it is the swimmer in me that made me love this place so much. All kinds of bodies of water draw me in and I am in love. 
We went on a perfect day. The sun was shinning, a little too bright. I was a little pink when we left. I was just dumb and didn't put sun screen untill after our hike. 
We hiked up to Ben Buckler Point. It's the most north point of the Bondi horse shoe. The view was incredible. We were on top of the world in Sydney!…

Taronga Zoo

Us girls took the kids to the Taronga Zoo one day. It was on our list because we are zoo people and we were not going to miss a chance to take our kids to an Aussie zoo to see all the Australian wildlife. 
The Taronga Zoo is beautiful. We walked from the flat to Circular Quay to catch the ferry. It drops you right off at the bottom of the Zoo. The Zoo is on a hill, so we took the bus to the top of the Zoo and made our way down the hill. No reason to push the stroller uphill the whole day. 
The kids were a bit crazy. Funniest part of the day was when William picked up a pile of kangaroo poop in the free range kangaroo exhibit. Luckily it did not get all over him. Boys, boys boys.