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School Time: Henry's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Henry's birthday with his class last week. We are leaving at the end of June, and will not be here for his birthday. I have mentioned before that the school makes a big deal out of birthdays, well they allow the parents to make a big deal out of birthday. I wanted Henry to have the chance to celebrate with his classmates. They have become good little friends. I am going to miss them terribly. I am sure Henry will too, but I am really going to miss those little cuties. 

His teacher was understanding and allowed us to celebrate his birthday. Henry was so excited, telling everyone that it was his birthday all the days leading up to his party. I made a Lego BB-8 cake. He's been asking for it for a year plus now. He loved it so much, he didn't take a bite of it when it was time. 
Parents and siblings are invited to join the class during birthday celebrations. Lyndon was able to join us, as well as Rapah. Having his daddy there made Henry extra excited. Lyndon threw …

School Time: Sports Carnival

In addition to Sports Day, the area PCF Schools put on a Sports Day Carnival! There were carnival games, drawing contest, and relay races! 

It was your typical super hot Singapore day. Henry was sick, so just Cosette and I went. We played every game they had, participated in the drawing contest, and geared up for the relay race. 

There were four schools that participated. Each grade had a relay race competing aginst the other schools. The winning team won trophies. The relays were very similar to sports day, but slightly more complicated. Cosette's team was the green team. I cheered them on the whole race, which took forever. Seriously like twenty minutes plus. Their team won! It was so exciting!

Then the parent child relay races started. Cosette and I were the first leg on our team. We had two newspapers that we had to use to get across the basketball court, throw a soccer ball to hit a 2 liter soda bottle filled with water over, return the ball to it's place, then proceed back…

School Time: Sports Day

School has been keeping us really busy, if you can't tell from reading this little blog. 

A couple of weeks ago we had Sports Day! The whole school participated in relay races against their age group. The classes would divide in to two teams and race against each other. The winner of the race would advance and compete against the others class's winning team.  

The teachers put a lot of emphasis that this event was for the children to learn good sportsmanship, not worry about winning, but focusing on having fun. Each relay was designed to work on the athletic skills that the class's age group should be able to do. They had them do some pretty complicated stuff. I know because I even had to do it. 

I participated in the parent's relay race. We lost horribly, haha. Walking on those stilt things is tricky business. Learned that the hard way. Cosette and Henry were excited to watch me race, actually I do not even know if they were watching. I do know that when they were asking…

School Time: Mother's Day Tea

Cosette's class had a Mother's Day tea at the school the Friday before Mother's Day. All the mommys were invited for coffe, tea, and plain water. I love that there was an option for plain water, because it was not just water it was plain water. I think there is big difference there. When Cosette asked me what I wanted to drink I told her plain water. She said "I knew you would choose that". It made me laugh because she knows me well.

The purpose other than celebrating the mommys, was for the children to have an opportunity to serve those who serve them everyday. The school does such a good job at teaching the children different attributes. 

Cosette was excited for the tea. She kept reminding me to be there at 8:30 am the days leading up to it. It's like I am always late or something, haha. Mom time is a real thing. But I did make it on time, dressed, make up, hair done. 

The children came out with drinks and biscuits for us to enjoy. They also sang a couple of s…