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Easter Weekend

It was not as fun or relaxing as we would have liked, but it was wonderful to celebrate our Savior's life and that he still lives. 
Lyndon spent all weekend working including Easter. Me and the kids hung out basically surviving. We did go to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday with friends and had Easter dinner with more friends on Sunday. I was really grateful we were invited over to our friends for Easter dinner because it would have been really hard to spend the day with out Lyndon. He had to go into work after Church that day.
This year I was good about getting our Easter outfits together. I made dresses for me and Cosette. Although I am going to have to take Cosette's apart because the bodice was to big for her. She is so tall and skinny it is hard to get clothes for her sometimes. The dress was the right length, but the top to big. Oh well, at least I can fix it. Lyndon left Church after sacrament meeting so we did not get a family photo in our Easter outfits, so we are going t…

Raphael's Glamour Shots

I try to get photos taken of my kids taken frequently. At this age they are growing and changing so much they change sometimes from month to month. I was looking at Henry today and he looks older. I am sure nobody else can see it, but spending all my time with him and being his mother I noticed. My Mom got me this amazing photo deal when Cosette was a baby where I could take her to get her photo taken once a month and I could get and 8x10 for free and 50% all the prints, photo CD, etc. It was an amazing deal. I definitely used it and have pictures from almost every month of her life from eight to 18 months. It is incredible how much she changed within that year. I loved having all those photos of her because those photos bring back vivid memories of that time of her life. I loved having the opportunity to get her picture taken often and I have tried with the boys to get their photos taken as well. Hence, getting photos of Raphael at six months. I try and hit birth, three, six, nine mo…

Spring Break 2k16

Spring break was last week and it was a blast. We went out and did stuff everyday and enjoyed not having to be back home for school. Having school in the afternoon is not my favorite thing, but that's when it is. I like going out and doing things in the morning, but now we have to be back home for school by 1pm. It's a pain, but what do you do. They are loving school and I am loving the time with one kid who naps during said school time.
Anyway, spring break. The highlights were going to the Jurong Bird Park and the ArtScience Museum. The bird park was amazing. We went to one of the bird shows and the kids were in heaven, especially when a flock of flamingos came on stage as part of the finale. The ArtScience Museum was absolutely incredible and we are going back for sure. We went to a couple of Easter egg hunts, had lunch with friends, went swimming more times than I can count, and had a lovely time just the four of us.
I was happy that I enjoyed the week so much, because I was…

ArtScience Museum

This past week was the kid's spring break. We have been hitting the pavement hard, doing big outings that have been harder to do since the school day starts at 1pm. On Friday I took them to the ArtScience Museum down at Marina Bay. A new exhibition, Future World, opened up recently. I have seen adds and posts about it on the MRT, social media, etc. It looked really cool, and with one paying adult you can get up to four kids in free on Fridays! Lyndon was able to meet us and walk with us over to the Museum, but then he had to head back to work (boo!). I was a little nervous about taking the three kids by myself to a museum, any mom I'm sure has the same hesitations, but the exhibit was all for kids. It was absolutely incredible! The kids had an amazing time and have been asking if we can go again. The answer is yes! Totally yes!
A little about the exhibit. As I said it is called Future World. It had four sections to explore: Nature, Town, Park, and Space. The museum's focus …

Disney and a Date Night