Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter Weekend

It was not as fun or relaxing as we would have liked, but it was wonderful to celebrate our Savior's life and that he still lives. 

Lyndon spent all weekend working including Easter. Me and the kids hung out basically surviving. We did go to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday with friends and had Easter dinner with more friends on Sunday. I was really grateful we were invited over to our friends for Easter dinner because it would have been really hard to spend the day with out Lyndon. He had to go into work after Church that day.

This year I was good about getting our Easter outfits together. I made dresses for me and Cosette. Although I am going to have to take Cosette's apart because the bodice was to big for her. She is so tall and skinny it is hard to get clothes for her sometimes. The dress was the right length, but the top to big. Oh well, at least I can fix it. Lyndon left Church after sacrament meeting so we did not get a family photo in our Easter outfits, so we are going to wear them again next week and get the photo. I worked to hard to put it all together to not get one. 

I taught Lyndon's primary class for him on Sunday. I really enjoyed it, a lot more then I ever thought I would enjoy being in primary. I got to be in music and sharing time with Cosette. The primary leader was sharing a story about making a right choice not to eat something to enhance her running, and Cosette raise her hand and said "We should not eat durians because they are super stinky". It was the funniest thing. She knows exactly what a durian is and what it smells like. She is not a fan of them, haha. 

The Easter Bunny came to our house and left the kids some goodies. As per our usual tradition, the Easter Bunny hit the kid's Easter baskets and they were excited to find them. Raphael got a special Easter basket filled with baby food! His favorite. Cosette thought that was cool. She kept making comments about Ralphie's basket being filled with baby food. Henry decided to share one of his peep's with Ralphie, so everyone got a little treat on Easter. 

We watched the living scripture video about Christ being resurrected. Cosette and I talked about it on the way to our friend's house. She had really payed attention and knew all the significant points of the story. On Good Friday she was really sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was sad because Jesus was going to die. And we talked about how Jesus died for us, but then he came back to life and was resurrected and one day we will be too. It was a brief conversation, but one that helped her understand the significance of the holiday and the sacrifice Jesus made for us. 

The only decent picture I could get of them. 
They were much more interested in picking flowers. 

Cosette took this picture of me in my Easter dress. Not to bad for my first dress I sewed for myself. My New Years resolution is to work on my sewing. So far so good. I'm really proud of myself work learning something new. 
Looking for "baby" coconuts.

Hop on pop. This is how Lyndon woke up Saturday morning. Photo credit to Cosette. 
My beautiful friend and her family hosted a huge group for Easter dinner. It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with our SG family. Our friends we have made here are some of the best people we have ever met. I love them all with all my heart. I am not just saying that. Everyone has been so loving and kind and willing to help us at the drop of a hat. And it is all because of Christ and his atoning sacrifice. He set the example for us to love and serve one another. He helped set up the Lord's church to quote scripture "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39). And I believe that we can do that through serving one another and taking care of each other. Basically showing charity to others and we know that charity is the pure love of Christ.

Anyway, I know that my Heavenly Father lives and loves each of us so much. I might not feel his love always because I am so busy with the kids, but I feel his hand guiding me and him slipping thoughts and solutions to questions or problems I am trying to figure out. I am grateful for Christ's sacrifice and that he gave his life so eventually I can be made perfect. It is such a beautiful thing to think that Christ sacrificed himself so that I can be made perfect one day. And not just me but Cosette, Henry, Raphael, and Lyndon can be as well. And not only them too, but every single person I know has that opportunity because of Christ. Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me.

Happy Easter! May the knowledge that Christ still lives bring you joy and peace.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Raphael's Glamour Shots

I try to get photos taken of my kids taken frequently. At this age they are growing and changing so much they change sometimes from month to month. I was looking at Henry today and he looks older. I am sure nobody else can see it, but spending all my time with him and being his mother I noticed. My Mom got me this amazing photo deal when Cosette was a baby where I could take her to get her photo taken once a month and I could get and 8x10 for free and 50% all the prints, photo CD, etc. It was an amazing deal. I definitely used it and have pictures from almost every month of her life from eight to 18 months. It is incredible how much she changed within that year. I loved having all those photos of her because those photos bring back vivid memories of that time of her life. I loved having the opportunity to get her picture taken often and I have tried with the boys to get their photos taken as well. Hence, getting photos of Raphael at six months. I try and hit birth, three, six, nine months, 1 year, and once a year after that. This awesome young woman in our Ward is taking a photography class and was willing to take some photos of Raphael. They turned out really cute and it was special because I grabbed some "props" for the pictures that had significant meaning for him, like the stuffed animal we bought when we found out we were pregnant, and a blanket a friend gave me for him. Which bring back special memories when I look at the pictures with those props in them.

Really wishing I had put on make up and worn different clothes. I was not planning on being in these pictures. We had been at Gardens by the Bay that morning and it was hot, hot, hot! I am never dry here. I had forgotten Cosette's school uniform and it was just kind of hectic. Looking through these pictures reminds me of what was going on that day. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Spring Break 2k16

Spring break was last week and it was a blast. We went out and did stuff everyday and enjoyed not having to be back home for school. Having school in the afternoon is not my favorite thing, but that's when it is. I like going out and doing things in the morning, but now we have to be back home for school by 1pm. It's a pain, but what do you do. They are loving school and I am loving the time with one kid who naps during said school time.

Anyway, spring break. The highlights were going to the Jurong Bird Park and the ArtScience Museum. The bird park was amazing. We went to one of the bird shows and the kids were in heaven, especially when a flock of flamingos came on stage as part of the finale. The ArtScience Museum was absolutely incredible and we are going back for sure. We went to a couple of Easter egg hunts, had lunch with friends, went swimming more times than I can count, and had a lovely time just the four of us.

I was happy that I enjoyed the week so much, because I was a little nervous that I would be wishing for the week to be over. Lyndon's been working round the clock, spring break included. The kids did not see him till Saturday. Henry had been abominable the week before and I was about to ship him off some where. With those two things combined I was a little hesitant about the break. But it was great. I had so much fun with the kids and I did not want it to end. And now I am a little sad that school is back in session.

Here's a little video of our week. Not super exciting, but captures the highlights of our spring break 2k16.

Met the Easter Bunny. I feel bad to whoever was in that bunny suite. I was hot, hot, hot that morning. I bet he was dyin' inside (Serena, that was for you, haha). 

GIANT grasshopper we found on our way inside.

I gave Henry a haircut. I am getting better at it.
Cosette is the best big sister! She takes such good care of baby Raphael. 

His kisses are my favorite.

I am looking forward to June when they get a month off from school. I've already started planning everything we are going to do.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

ArtScience Museum

This past week was the kid's spring break. We have been hitting the pavement hard, doing big outings that have been harder to do since the school day starts at 1pm. On Friday I took them to the ArtScience Museum down at Marina Bay. A new exhibition, Future World, opened up recently. I have seen adds and posts about it on the MRT, social media, etc. It looked really cool, and with one paying adult you can get up to four kids in free on Fridays! Lyndon was able to meet us and walk with us over to the Museum, but then he had to head back to work (boo!). I was a little nervous about taking the three kids by myself to a museum, any mom I'm sure has the same hesitations, but the exhibit was all for kids. It was absolutely incredible! The kids had an amazing time and have been asking if we can go again. The answer is yes! Totally yes!

A little about the exhibit. As I said it is called Future World. It had four sections to explore: Nature, Town, Park, and Space. The museum's focus is on how art and science are connected. In Future World the exhibition is there to illustrate how world is created by the connections between art, science, technology, and culture. The exhibition is all interactive artwork for people of all ages, kids and adults alike. It was exceptionally well put together and I read that the exhibition will be added on to! It's really amazing. I was reading the pamphlet and it says that the teamLab (the founders of the exhibition) created this exhibition to be a constantly evolving environment which will be a different experience for the visitors and will grow and transform over time, which is just like how we experience the real world. Incredible!

Cosette's favorite part was playing in the balls and creating her own animated sea creatures. She colored a rainbow jelly fish with a heart on its face and a pink sea horse. You colored the picture then took it to a scanner and when the image was scanned it would appear on the projection as part of the art work. How amazing is that? Henry loved playing in the balls too, and going down the slide over and over again. He would not go down the slide without the worker pushing him down, and then he would not sit on his bottom and go down. He kept sliding down on his stomach, haha. The poor worker did not know what to do. I just sat at the bottom and smiled because he is two and I had a baby strapped to me. Henry, you have incredible energy little boy. Raphael really liked all the colors and kept looking at them all. I took him over to the ocean scene and put his little feet on the projection and he loved "walking" through the water. It was an incredible experience. The kids loved the Town and Park sections the best because that was where all really interactive things were. I really liked Space. It's called Crystal Universe and it is stunning! You walk along a narrow passage with strings of iridescent lights lit up all around you. The lights are dim and eventually go out land you really feel like you are in space! This part really made me appreciate the stars and gave me a desire to learn more about space. Lyndon will be so happy. He is obsessed with Elon Musk and his plan's for a colony on Mars. That is a whole other blog post.

It was really great outing. And I feel like a champion because I took three kids to a museum by myself, with the lights pretty much off in the exhibition, and I did not lose anyone! Can I get a woot, woot? I can finally agree with the Singaporeans who tell me "I am so capable". That is what a lot of passing people say to me when they see I have three kids.

Can you spot Cosette among the flowers?
He was pretty much running the whole time. 
We saw some great artist's life work in the Museum, and these three kids are my life's work. My Mom is always talking about how her kids are her life's work, As a mom now I totally understand what she means. It is the most selfless job out there, and one of the best. I loves these three kiddos with all my heart. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Disney and a Date Night

Saturday we had a super Singapore Saturday as I am going to call it. We had big outings going on. The main one was taking the kids to Disney on Ice! It was so fun going with the kids. I loved looking at them during the show and seeing the looks on their faces. Henry's favorite was Mickey Mouse. Cosette's favorite was Ariel. She loves Ariel.
The show featured four Disney princesses: Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Anna, and Elsa. So I guess really five princesses from four Disney movies. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald came out at different times during the show. It was a great family outing. Before the show started the announcer came on and said to sing and dance if you felt like it, which we did. I was really grateful for that because it totally relaxed the atmosphere and really made us feel comfortable. Cosette got up during the finale and did some sweet dance moves.  I finished Cosette's Elsa costume in time to wear to the show. She was one of a million Elsa's that was there. I'm biased and thought she had the best costume. 

She was so into it. 
The cold doesn't bother me anyway, especially when we are sweating to death here in SG.

That night Lyndon and I went out for a date. He had to go into work after Disney on Ice, so we met down on Arab Street. We had dinner at Singapore Zam Zam which is rated the best in SG for Muslim food, which is a mixture of Indian and Middle Eastern. It was great. A whole in the wall place that reminded me of Magic Wok, may it rest in peace. We got mutton biryani and some fruit drinks. I tried lychee for the first time. Interesting fruit. 
I showed Lyndon around the area. I have been down there a few times running errands. Lyndon finally got to see the Masjid Sultan aka Sultan Mosque. It's stunning. 

Singapore is so colorful! 
Part two was going to see a Ruby game at the National Stadium. The views of the Sands Hotel and Singapore Flyer were gorgeous. SG was killing it with views that day. 
We watched the Japanese Sun Wolves play the South African Cheetahs. The Sun Wolves were winning when we left. We were like we do not know that much about Rugby and we have a babysitter, let's get out and do some more stuff. So we went grocery shopping..... We know how to party.
The game was really fun. I would howl every time the Sun Wolves scored. I know very little about rugby, pretty much nothing about the sport, except for what I have seen on movies. It was cool. Lots of tackling, fighting for the ball. Something both Lyndon and I want to learn more about. 
And when we left the game this was what our view was. 
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