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The Cloud Forest and Tulip Mania

We end up going down town a lot. Mostly because it has been raining a lot , and there are a lot of indoor spaces to do things at Marina Bay. We have learned to be really flexible with our plans because of weather. Some Saturday this month we woke up to rain, and our plans of hiking were thwarted. Instead we check off one of Lyndon's Singapore bucket list items and went to the Cloud Forest. 

The Cloud Forest is basically a giant indoor terrarium complete with a huge and beautiful water fall. There are really cool dragon wooden statues that are hidden around the whole place. I like finding them, and have the kids try to find them with me. So Lyndon had never been to the Cloud Forest. We have the Gardens By the Bay pass that gets us into everything, so figured we better take Daddy and show him what he is missing. 

The Cloud Forest is pretty spectacular. When you walk in there is this giant indoor water fall that flecks you with water like an outdoor water fall. It really feels like yo…


The last stop on our trip was the beautiful city of Jaipur. Known as the Pink City because of all the buildings are painted "pink". It is more of a rusty pink. The Maharajah, Ram Sighn, of Jaipur at the time Prince Albert and Queen Victoria visited had all the buildings painted pink because pink is the color for hospitality. Ever since then, all the buildings have to be painted this color.

We stayed in a heritage hotel, which is an old maharajah's palace turned into a hotel. It was amazing. We woke up to the sound of parrots, and peacocks calling. The grounds are just stunning. We absolutely loved staying there. It gave us a real authentic feel instead of just staying in a normal hotel. The facilities were all up to standard. We had a western toilet, and shower. I was really grateful for that. I have not mastered using the traditional Asian toilet (basically hole in the ground). Maybe a little too much tmi, but hey if you have traveled any where in Asia you can understand…