School Time: Last Day of School in Singapore

Out of all the experiences we have had here in Singapore, the kid's school has been the best by far. They have learned and grown so much academically. I could have never imagined how amazing school here would be for them. I want to cry writing this, because I love their school so much. I am so sad that it is over. Their teachers and principal have been so wonderful. The sweetest and kindest women I could have ever asked to help my children develop a love for learning. 

Both kids have had the same teachers and for the most part the same class mates for the 18 months they have been in school here. These people have become kind of like a second family. Their teachers care immensely about them. Their class mates have become so dear to my heart. I love all those kids so much. The school has been so wonderful to allow me to participate so much in the classroom this year. It has been really wonderful for me to be part of their learning experience. I am going to miss hearing all those kids call me "Aunty Christine". They are the best.

Their last day was so bitter sweet, for me. Not for the kids, haha. We celebrated both of their birthdays early with their classes. Birthdays are kind of a big deal at school. The kids get to wear whatever they want, have cake with their class, an activity put on by the parents, and goody bags. I did not want them to miss out on celebrating their birthdays here. Especially since Cosette has been talking about her cake since January.

When Rapha came for the party, this is what happened. 

The kings of K2!
Cosette and Ms. Sui Hoy. Her teacher the whole time we have been here. I could not have asked for a better teacher. She is amazing!

The kid's Chinese teacher. I feel awful, but I cannot spell her name. I know how to say  it, but not spell it. She has done an amazing job at teaching the kids Chinese. Lots of Mandarin songs sung in our home now. 

School principal, Ms. Tan. She is amazing. She was Henry's primary teacher last year, while his teacher was on maternity leave. We have gotten to know her very well. She does an incredible job at running the school. 

Ms. Yiu and Henry.  She's the teacher's aid in his class in N2. 
Madame Tan and Henry. She was the aid in his class last year and we just love her. 

Ms. Clara and Henry. She has been his teacher this year and last year. She is wonderful and loves her students so much. Going to miss her.

The kids colored pictures for their teachers, and gave all the teachers that worked with them a little present. I hugged all of them, and had to keep myself from crying. It is going to be so hard to say goodbye to them. We are planning on visiting with some of them before we leave to say our final goodbye.

When I deleted their school schedule from my calendar for good it really struck me that it is over. And I did cry a little bit. Words cannot express how grateful I am for our time here, and our time attending the school. It has brought so much joy to our family. The kids have developed a love of learning and desire to continue learning outside the classroom. Lots of parents talk about how it is hard watching their kids grow up, and it is. Watching them develop into these amazing humans is not hard. It is the best. Henry learning how to spell his letters, and finding the letter "h" marked on everything. Seeing Cosette reading to her brothers, or getting paper out to write letters to her friends. That makes my me so happy. And that is why I love the school so much. It has been a safe wonderful place devoted to making learning fun. I have said I love their school so much it is becoming redundant, but I do. I love PCF Sparkle Tots Preschool!

We are happy little kids having lots of fun, happy little kids at school. That is the first couple lines of their school song. I have it memorized, and I will never forget it.  A million times thank you to all their teachers, classmates, parents, who made our school experience here the absolute best. Anyone or anything that is as good to my children as the school and people in it have been will forever hold a place of love in my heart. I love you all. This is not goodbye, but see you later. I hope all our paths cross again, so very soon.


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