Summer Strawberry Picking

We were ambitious the day we went to the Lightscapes and went strawberry picking that afternoon. It was a little early in the season to go, but it was the only time this season we would be able to go. We went to a different PYO farm this year than we have in the past. The farm was called Fishkill Farms. It is organic ecological farming type place. They did a wonderful job with their strawberries. The field was extremely well kept and all the strawberries were in pristine condition. I have never seen strawberries look so good when strawberry picking. The rows were covered in straw which was great for us, because the kids wanted to sit down and eat as many berries as possible. And I could sit my pregnant self down and pick strawberries without exerting myself too much. It was really hot that day so we I was plum tuckered out at the end. 
Henry's second favorite part of the farm after eating as many strawberries as he could was checking out the chicken coop. 

Ready to get some strawberries!
Henry got really excited when he saw the tractor. This boy loves this cars, trucks, planes, trains, and basically anything that goes.
Better picture of the field and I can never take too many photos of my handsome boys.
Our green sand bucket made the journey with us. It wasn't meant to come, but Henry took it to the car with us and then Cosette wanted to use it strawberry picking. She filled it up past the top.
Henry was our strawberry muncher that day.
These strawberries were seriously the most beautiful ones I have seen. They reminded us of the ones we got in England. English strawberries are the best.
He worked for his snack. His box was not full at all. There were like two strawberries in there and then he ate them. 
This kid could not get enough strawberries. 
I love this picture of my beautiful girl. 
We came away with seven pounds of delicious berries and some good family memories. We made some of traditional strawberry jam, tried out a quinoa strawberry caprese salad (my new favorite), and a white chocolate strawberry charlotte cake. White chocolate is the best chocolate pairing with strawberries, in my opinion.
We like this tradition of ours. It helps us feel close to mother nature, which we don't always get that living in the concrete jungle. Any excuse to eat a strawberry is a good one in mine, Cosette, and Henry's opinion. They are our favorite.

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