Dublin Part 2: St. Patrick's Cathedral

A trip to Dublin or Ireland for that matter is not complete without visiting this St. Patrick's Cathedral in my opinion. The Cathedral is out of the busy city center a little bit, but not to far away. We were able to walk there from our hotel. It was not the most spectacular cathedral that I have been in, but it has a very good spirit inside. Henry and I went inside since Cosette was asleep and Lyndon had already been there before. You could feel that Saint Patrick did a good for in Ireland and that he was a man of God.
It was really nice to be able to take my time to walk through the cathedral and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Cathedral. Normally I am chasing Cosette around and only get a chance to glance at what is around me. I enjoyed being able to take my time. 
The stone to the left was found by the site where it says St. Patrick baptized his followers. This stone confirms that and tells us that this an early Christian site.

The stain glass was beautiful. I love that the windows are not only there for their beauty, but that they tell stories from the Bible. It is a beautiful way to depict those sacred texts. And I love that Lyndon knows all of this and shares his knowledge with me. It makes these experiences more enriching.
It is appropriate to have a cathedral for St. Patrick. He was a very religious man who did a lot of work for the Christian religion in Ireland. There is a plaque in the Cathedral that says that Patrick was not religious until he was captured and made a slave by the Irish. That is when he turned to God for help. When he was 16 God answered his prayers and Patrick heard a voice that told him to go to sea because he was going home. It did not say how he got there but he went back to England. However, his job was not done in Ireland. He had a dream where an angel brought him a letter from the Irish people calling him back. He went back to Ireland as a missionary believing he was fulfilling prophecy to bring the Word of God to the ends of the Earth.
If I had not been in there by myself I would not have been able to find out that interesting information. Learning that about St. Patrick really added to the experience I had there. It was incredible.


I had to get a picture of me inside. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you Lyndon for letting me enjoy it!


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